Customizing Stock Plans

Numerous plans are available on Odds are you will find the perfect plan for you and your family. But if not, you can choose to customize your home plan making our selection virtually infinite.

Our house plan customization service makes it possible for you to take the stock plan you have selected and make it your own.

It’s simple. Select a house plan that meets your needs. Determine what you would like to change or add. Contact us to discuss and we will customize the plan for you.


Creating Custom Homes From Scratch
Every dream home starts with a dream, but its the plan that makes it a reality.

How To Start
Send us your sketches (no matter how rough), photos of homes you like - anything that represents your dream home. You may find it helpful to browse through our Stock Plans to see what you might like.

You'll appreciate the flexibility our design capabilities can afford. Once we generate plans for you on the computer, we can help you firm up your choices - French doors vs. plain glass, alternate roof lines, etc. - by showing them in the context of your design.

Our knowledge of home construction helps your builder control costs by minimizing waste. With our detailed designs, you know exactly what you're getting, so there's no disappointment.

What to expect
Here's the process we will follow to produce your Custom Plans and assist in your home's construction:

Northern Home Designs' five-phase process:

  • Ensures aesthetic and technical details.
  • Develops designs to meet them.
  • Provides documentation for contractors.
  • Verifies you have the right lot, builder and budget and that your house is built to standards set in your plans

Phase I Predesign - Information Gathering
We work with you to define your needs and objectives, considering the function, character, image, space and other factors that affect how you will live in your home. • Assistance with site selection, if needed • Site analysis for best placement of house • Determine scope of construction, budget and schedule

Phase II - Schematic Design
We call it brainstorming on paper, developing concept diagrams, rough sketches to determine the general layout, form and overall appearance of your house and site.

Phase III - Design Development
Size, layout and character of your home and site are refined, and elements such as stairs, cabinetry, fireplaces and other built-ins are designed. Technical details, plans, elevations and sections through the house are developed to 80% to 90% completion.

Phase IV - Construction Documentation
Your design is translated into the technical language of the contractor. Working drawings (blueprints) and specifications detail all of the materials to be used, where they are to be located and how they are to be installed. Remaining design work is completed as all technical aspects are determined.

Phase V - Supervision
Throughout construction, Northern Home Designs reviews the progress of the work and facilitates any changes that may be required. We answer questions, review submittals, shop manufacturers' drawings of specific elements to be incorporated within your house and assist in your final selection of finishes and fixtures.

When to start
The best months for building a home are May through September. So, it's wise to start your Custom Plans well in fall, to be able to begin contacting builders in January. (The good ones are scheduled far in advance.) We'll help you select a builder, receive and evaluate prices and lend as much or as little assistance as you want. For example, we can brief you on the pros and cons of turnkey construction, subcontracting the home yourself or hiring a construction superintendent..

When your ready
to start... Contact us.


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