Building a home?
You have come to the right place!

You have come to the right place.  Northern Home Designs is your source for house plans.  With our extensive architectural design experience, we have many house plans for you to choose from. 

If you see something that you like, but wish to have a few changes made, there is no problem.  Northern Home Designs can modify your house plans, and provide all the documentation that you will need to build. 

The designs have been created for the more Northerly Climates of Northwestern Ontario. When specifying different building methods that make-up the details of construction, care and attention has been given on make the homes environmentally friendly. Now more than ever, homeowners are going Green with their Home Designs. Some of the key elements in making your home Green are:

Efficient Design
A home designed with basic geometric shapes uses less construction materials, such as wall studs, floor joists, beams and sub-floor, wall and roof sheeting. This will reduce costs over the whole construction project. With an efficient use of the space by reducing unneeded traffic area, makes for a more cost effective home. This can enhance the homes energy use, with less of a demand on electrical and mechanical systems; which further increases your homes energy performance.

Energy Savings
If a home is designed to take advantage of the solar gain by properly placing it in on the property, the can be significant energy saving to take advantage of. This can also help reduce the amount of emissions in the generation of electricity and the use of fossil fuels and help reduce greenhouse gases, while saving money. By taking advantage of a passive solar design will help lower the demand on the homes heating system.

Flexible Spaces
Over the lifetime in the home come different demands for the design of the home. With more flexibility within the design for life changes such as a growing family through to retirement helps with the growing demands on the same living space. By the use of multi-purpose spaces and the use of open concepts will allow the homeowner the flexibility to modify the use of the home throughout their lifetime in the home. This reduces the need to expand or build a different home to meet their growing needs of the family. To build once is less of an impact on the environment.

We can also generate custom plans so that you can also build your dream home. Northern Home Designs does not sell house plans from other designers or websites. Many house design websites will sell stock house plans that are actually drafted from an outside design company. Not only does this limit quality control, but in many cases the plans are not designed to meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Unfortunately in most cases the consumer has already purchased the plans before they find out they won't get a building permit. Every house plan is drafted by Canadian Home Designs to meet or exceed the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.

The President of Northern Home Designs is Alan B. Cooke, C.E.T. With Alan�s extensive and varied career; brings a unique look at meeting the design and construction needs of Northern Home Designs clients. Some of the more note worth accomplishments are:

  • Graduate of the Architectural Design Technician Program at Confederation College

  • Accredited as a Certified Engineering Technician.

  • A Licensed Inter-provincial Carpenter (Red Seal Program).

  • Registered TARION Builder.

  • A Project Manager, for several construction companies.

  • Registered Designer with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

  • Qualified Chief Building Official with several Municipalities.

We hope that you will choose Northern Home Designs to meet your home design needs.


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